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Election Questions and/or Opinions


The votes are in, and until a federal court says otherwise, Joe Biden will be moving into the White House as this country’s 46th president. There are many unanswered questions, numerous possible voting violations, and violations of the Constitution and the likelihood of a number of lawsuits. Now, the big question is what will happen to this country over the next four years under a Biden administra... More »

A Study by Outsiders


What does is say about the state of affairs at Kansas University when the chancellor asks the KU Endowment Association to hand over $710,000 to pay for a study to tell the chancellor the best way to run the university? Maybe this is a bit harsh but this is what is going on today on Mt. Oread. A $710,000, no bid, nine month contract was signed by KU officials with a Maryland company named rpk GROUP... More »

What’s the Answer for KU Football?


What is it going to take for the University of Kansas to have a winning football program? Alumni, friends and KU fans have been asking this question for years. Aside from a few far-too-short periods, the Jayhawk football team has been an embarrassment to the school and fans. Fans, at least reasonable fans, are not calling for championship teams but rather, teams that will compile respectable win-l... More »

KUEA Funding Change


One of the greatest and most unique assets of the University of Kansas is the Kansas University Endowment Association. The uniqueness of this “asset” is that the Association is a totally separate, stand-alone entity. It is not a part of the university, not controlled by the university and the chancellor is not a member of the executive committee, nor a trustee. However, the sole purpose of the Ass... More »

Gene Budig, One of the Best


Over the years, at least the last 80 or so, the University of Kansas has had the good services of 11 chancellors. Starting with Deane Malott, Franklin Murphy, W. Clarke Wescoe, E. Laurence Chalmers, Raymond Nichols, Archie Dykes, Gene Budig, Del Shankel, Robert Hemenway, Bernadette Gray-Little and now Doug Girod. Early Tuesday morning, Lawrence residents learned Gene Budig had died at his home in ... More »

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