May 21, 2022

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The death of Jon Wefald marks the end, the final chapter, of a remarkable lifetime of leadership, vision, hard work and success in the field of higher education. He’s gone but the tremendously good accomplishments he engineered will pay dividends for years for Kansas State

The headline on the front page of the Lawrence Journal-World stated: “University Senate Resolution: KU Has Become Toxic, Undemocratic”. The sub head reads “Leaders are asking Chancellor to create governance task force”.This probably understates the actual, overall environment of worry, frustration, disappointment, anger, uncertainty and

In late 2019, a deadly virus called Covid-19 entered the United States. Its origin remains questionable. It has caused close to 1 million deaths in the U. S. and millions more around the world. In many ways the virus brought the world’s most powerful nation

Congratulations to those who served on the search and selection committees to find a new president for Penn State University. They picked a winner in every respect. Neeli Bendapudi is a tremendously talented teacher, administrator, motivator and visionary leader. She has a genuine interest in her

Is the city going to grow into a larger and better community or is it likely to gradually slip in both population and excellence, lose its separate and proud identity and become merely another suburb of Kansas City? Until a few days ago, the easy answer

With Lawrence primary elections assured for positions on the Lawrence City Commission and Lawrence Board of Education, Lawrence citizens deserve a good, solid, honest understanding of what each candidate stands for. Voters should know how each candidate plans to vote on major issues before the election

Kansas State University officials have an opportunity to score one of the greatest “touchdowns” in the school’s history. A winning touchdown for its students and faculty, the city of Manhattan and for the entire state. President Richard B. Myers announced he will be stepping down from

Who and where are Lawrence’s leaders? The even bigger question is why don’t these individuals come to the forefront and use their skills, knowledge and deserved recognition of achievement to help reignite the enthusiasm, excitement, vision and successes that used to be the hallmark of

The next few paragraphs are not meant as an “I told you so” but rather to help set the stage relative to what is happening on Mt. Oread. Six months ago this writer, in a blog titled “A Study by Outsiders” asked what it said about

It’s ironic at a time when Kansas University officials have stressed the critical importance, necessity, to figure out ways to save money and be more efficient and to reduce the work force on the campus, possibly retiring tenured professors….there are new announcements, or revelations, of