November 29, 2022

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May 2021

Who and where are Lawrence’s leaders? The even bigger question is why don’t these individuals come to the forefront and use their skills, knowledge and deserved recognition of achievement to help reignite the enthusiasm, excitement, vision and successes that used to be the hallmark of

The next few paragraphs are not meant as an “I told you so” but rather to help set the stage relative to what is happening on Mt. Oread. Six months ago this writer, in a blog titled “A Study by Outsiders” asked what it said about

It’s ironic at a time when Kansas University officials have stressed the critical importance, necessity, to figure out ways to save money and be more efficient and to reduce the work force on the campus, possibly retiring tenured professors….there are new announcements, or revelations, of

How much longer are Lawrence Memorial Hospital officers, board members and some doctors going to place personal interests, egos, likes and dislikes above what may be in the best interests of those they serve? News that another major hospital may soon be making a formal announcement