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Joint Effort for Better Care


It’s good that KU Health System executives and Kansas Athletics Sports Medicine officials have worked out a plan whereby Kansas Athletics Sports employees now will be part of the Kansas Health System. It is a good move for KU athletes and hopefully will serve ... More »

Special Interests v. Silent Majority


In a few days a number of Lawrence residents will gather at two public meetings to discuss and make recommendations relative to how they believe “downtown Lawrence” should develop over the next 20 years. They will be engaged in the “Community Outreach efforts ... More »

Why So Little Interest?


How many Lawrence residents are interested in the growth, development and welfare of their city? Really interested, not just casually interested, offering lip service, advice in the barber’s chair or bitching at the daily coffee club? Truly interested and conc... More »

Marchiony, a Good Man


The Kansas University Athletics Department, the University, college sports, the National Collegiate Athletics Association and Lawrence all are losing a top individual and valuable asset with the upcoming departure of Jim Marchiony as Associate Athletics Direct... More »

Seek the Best


Some time ago Lawrence city officials announced a national search would be made to identify possible candidates for the soon-to-be vacated City Manager position. Last week it was announced the national search had been narrowed to two individuals working and li... More »

23rd St. Mess


It doesn’t do much good at this time to point fingers about what’s gone wrong with a local street project but hopefully some lessons will have been learned. The long, frustrating and costly situation associated with the 23rd Street project is an ugly embarrass... More »

Who Will Steer the Ship?


One of these days, probably not too far away, a good number of Lawrence residents and friends of Kansas University are going to wake up some morning and ask, “What’s happening to our city and university? How did all of this come about”? For years Lawrence and ... More »

20 Years From Now


What is Lawrence going to look like in 20 years? What is the University of Kansas going to look like in 20 years? Both the city and university enjoy excellent past records but that’s no guarantee this will continue. In fact, both the city and university face s... More »

Risky Hiring Practices


Those who want Kansas University to move upward in national rankings in teaching and research probably were stunned several weeks ago by a suggestion that a radical change be made in how to fill two important positions at the University. The interim provost su... More »

Leadership Needed


The headlines have been brutal: • “Faculty, students and staff blast leadership” • “KU to eliminate more than 150 jobs, lay off 30 people” • “Despite record donation, KU Athletics loses $5 million in 2018” • “Leaders say Kansas Athletics must focus on growing ... More »

Excellence v. Mediocrity


What are the priorities of Lawrence and Kansas University officials? Both need to grow and demand excellence to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. What’s needed to return the vibrancy, enthusiasm and vision that used to be the hallmarks of Lawrence and... More »

Thanks, Tom Keegan


It’s a sad day and a loss for area sports fans. Tom Keegan, Journal-World sports editor for the past 15 years, is leaving Lawrence for a position as a sports columnist for the Boston Herald. He will be missed by readers who appreciated his good writing, his fi... More »