May 28, 2023

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Dangerous Criticism

Some time, the sooner the better, hysterical and frantic Democrats should call off their well-planned and all-out war to destroy the Trump presidency. They need to accept and acknowledge Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the White House.

To date there is no evidence Trump has broken any laws and no evidence he collaborated with Russians to win the presidency.

The “never Trump” contingency of the Democrat party, acting in retribution for Hillary’s defeat, is intent to seize every opportunity to belittle Trump, destroy his presidency, sow mistrust, destroy his credibility, question his honesty, criss-cross every statement he makes and in the process place this country in a vulnerable position. Dividing the populace and deepening bitter divides in Congress lessens chances for meaningful and badly needed legislative actions in Congress.

The knee-jerk reaction to the firing of FBI director James Comey by Trump offers a good example of the hypocrisy of many Trump haters. Over the past year or so many Democrats demanded that Comey be fired. Today, these same Democrats are criticizing Trump for terminating Comey. There’s reason to fault or criticize the manner in which Trump removed Comey but nothing wrong that he fired him.

There’s no question but that Trump is different, far different than any previous president. His code of conduct and etiquette is different and shocks and angers the “never Trump” crowd and some Republicans. His primary campaign was different and his first 100 days in office were different. It’s likely his next 200 days in the Oval Office will be different.

He put together an excellent cabinet and if he will listen to them and seek their advice, there is reason to believe he can and will indeed bring about many positive changes for America.

It’s easy to understand why entrenched Washington insiders, Republican and Democrat, are nervous their comfortable and ego-enhancing lives are likely to undergo many changes.

Trump has stepped on many toes and in the process angered those who have enjoyed decades of predictable, profitable and congenial personal and professional careers in Washington.

There’s a new president in town with new ideas and new ways of carrying out his responsibilities and this does not go well with the establishment. This “establishment” also includes the media who more and more act as if they should be in control of the president’s actions and have every right to know every facet of the president’s public and private life.

Consequently the “never Trump” crowd, including the media, are determined to fight the newcomer, the outsider, in every possible way regardless if in carrying out this well-planned opposition ends up damaging this country.

The stalling tactics of Democrats is hurting the country and keeping those in Congress from addressing the many challenging and dangerous situations facing Uncle Sam. Such actions are sure to please our enemies.

Based on how the media has reported the Comey matter and the more recent suggestion that Trump disclosed high value intelligence matters with Russian leaders (completely refuted by the most senior U.S. intelligence officials who were present at the meeting), it will be interesting to observe how his American media critics will report the President’s coming travels to the Middle East and Europe.

Trump’s top priority is to protect this country and make it an even stronger and better country for all of its citizens. He campaigned and won the election calling for a reversal of America’s drift into becoming a weaker welfare state, and becoming a strong, highly respected world leader.

He didn’t seek the presidency to make friends.