September 25, 2023

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Election Questions and/or Opinions

The votes are in, and until a federal court says otherwise, Joe Biden will be moving into the White House as this country’s 46th president. There are many unanswered questions, numerous possible voting violations, and violations of the Constitution and the likelihood of a number of lawsuits.

Now, the big question is what will happen to this country over the next four years under a Biden administration?

A lot depends on the outcome of a special runoff election for two Senate positions in Georgia. Will the two Demo candidates unseat the two incumbent GOP senators? If they are successful, Democrats will likely control the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate and the presidency. There would be little Republican lawmakers could do to stop, or slow the Demo effort to install greater control of our lives and move the country down the road toward socialism.

Record amounts of money will be spent on this election but as seen in a number of elections in the past for president, senate and house positions, a number of big spending candidates were unable to buy a victory.

Regardless, how the Biden team — Biden, his son, brother and other members of the clan – will govern the country is a disturbing and/or confusing puzzle. Biden’s 40+ years in Washington do not offer much evidence of a sparkling, imaginative and successful career. What can the public expect in Biden’s new position?

There’s also the question of how long he will be sitting at the desk in the Oval Office. Some suggest he will fail to serve out his full four year term and that Vice President Kamala Harris would move into this leadership vacancy. Still others speculate Biden will be guided, directed and controlled by others in the party.

Is this wild partisan guessing or could it prove to be the case?

The next big question is what will Donald Trump do if and when he leaves the White House? Will he stay deeply engaged in Republican politics or will he say, “I gave it my best, now it’s time for someone else to carry the GOP banner”?

His decision will play a major role in whether the Republican Party remains united or whether various factions within the party split into a semi-political civil war. What happens to the “Never Trumpers” within the GOP? Have they lost their credentials as trusted Republicans and will many openly transfer their allegiance to Democrat efforts and policies? How can they be trusted or, do they care? Many owe their past political successes to their GOP connections, as well as their career and business successes.

Another question: The country is pretty evenly split with varying degrees of intensity. How will the “losing half” react? Will this loss serve to intensify their energy, efforts and commitment to come back with a stronger, even better financed and more motivated effort to post even larger wins in the soon-to-come 2022 legislative elections? Likewise, build a more powerful effort for the presidential election?

How will Democrats handle the severe splits within their party? Will the far left, radical wing of the House gain more power as they now have a foot in the door at the White House?

What about the potential Demo leader of the Senate now calling to “change America”? Other Demos call for a “total transformation.” Will the “losing” half and even some Demos buy into this effort?

Trump, who followed through on his “promises pledged, promises made” commitment said a Democrat victory would put the country on a slide to socialism and greater government control. Is this what the possible Senate leader is acknowledging?

Another question: How will the media treat Biden? Trump was under constant attack from the moment he won the GOP presidential primary election. It was a well-planned, 24-hours-a-day four year attack. The media did not give him fair coverage. In many cases, it did not report the news and it kept the public from learning the news. Such papers, television, magazines and books are a disgrace to a free press.

In many ways, the elections didn’t offer a powerful, overwhelming winner between Democrats and Republicans but it did offer solid proof a very partial, unfair media denied the public of a fair and balanced report of the news. The public is the real loser and this should not be tolerated in future elections. It’s an extremely dangerous situation for our country.
Another question: What happens to the current ongoing investigations of wrongdoing, or criminal actions, by Demos in the Obama administration, leaders in the FBI, CIA and other senior intelligence agencies as well as by Democrats during the first three years of the Trump administration? What about the investigation of the Biden family and its highly questionable fiscal enrichments from Russia, China and other foreign governments?

Will these investigations be dropped?

Who are the potential upcoming GOP stars and possible presidential hopefuls?

There are several situations that surfaced during this post-election period which are good for the country.

There have not been any of the ugly, costly, unlawful riots and demonstrations that were an almost sure thing if Trump had been elected. This in itself tells a story about what was at the root of these lawless riots.

Also, only a week after the November 3 election, it was announced a vaccine with a 90 per cent positive record would be ready for use around the country by the end of the year.

Is there justification to wonder why this announcement was not made before the November 3 vote?

Regardless, and even though Demos will refuse to give Trump any credit, the speed – “warp speed” – effort to discover a vaccine ordered by Trump is an almost unbelievable accomplishment. It’s never been done before and is sure to save tens of thousands of lives…if not millions.

That has to be a huge “win” in the Trump column.

The call after the election by Biden and his helpers for Republicans to be cooperative, united and pull-this-country together effort is almost laughable considering the vicious, mean-spirited, constant illegal actions taken against the Trump administration and the more than 70 million supporters of the president. More attacks than any other American president has ever experienced.

And yet, the 70 million voters and members of the Trump team are supposed to say “all is forgiven”?

What a joke when just as soon as the November 3 vote was supposedly over, Biden and his helpers were quick to detail all the Trump actions and policies they intend to scrap.

The one promise Trump was unable to fulfill was to “drain the swamp.” This proved to be a far tougher task as the “swamp” is indeed a deep cesspool of both Democrats and some Republicans who are more interested in taking care of their own welfare, personal, professional and financial, than they are in taking care of the best interests of this country.

Trump exposed this embarrassing and dangerous mess and made significant progress in draining part of the murky swamp but it’s now likely to be regenerated during the Biden years.

One final observation and/or thought: Where were Kansas Republican Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran? Roberts had nothing to lose whatever he might have said or done as he is stepping aside, leaving the Senate. He shouldn’t have had to worry about hurting friendships. Why wasn’t he more outspoken in support of Trump?

Moran is a bit of a different case. He probably was afraid of being too outspoken in his support of Trump as he doesn’t want to damage or close any possible openings or opportunities for himself in the coming four years and/or his own re-election. Such is politics.

Trump proved to be the antithesis of career politicians. He said what he thought, what he believed in and wasn’t afraid of offending someone. He was proud of America, its history and world leadership. Maybe this is what did him in, but it was a refreshing period in our national politics and….it brought about many positive changes for this country and its citizens.

Now, back to the traditional what’s-in-it-for-me game and shortchanging and weakening the country.