November 30, 2022

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Over the past several years “Make America Great Again” was a powerful and effective chant or slogan used by Donald Trump to rally support in his bid for the presidency. Since the 2016 successful election effort, the chant continues to be used by Trump to build

Why do KU Athletics Department officials continue to negotiate with Adidas for clothing and equipment for KU athletic teams? A number of years ago KU Athletics had a contract with Nike for clothing and equipment but this was cancelled by then-KU Athletics Director, Lew Perkins. No

Congratulations to Derek Kwan and his Lied Center associates for last week's outstanding and unique celebration for the 25th anniversary of the Lied Center of Kansas. It was a great evening with Kwan opening the program by telling the capacity audience about the many and varied

It would be interesting to know how many of the men and women who just received their undergraduate and graduate degrees from Kansas University would like to stay in Lawrence IF there were job opportunities which matched their training and schooling. Likewise, how many KU graduates

Up until Monday morning it was clear the future and/or good health of Kansas University depended to a large degree on the level of generosity of 20 or so individuals who gathered in Phoenix several weeks ago. The purpose of the meeting, called by KU athletics

Last week’s report that former Kansas University chancellor Gray-Little is being paid $510,041 to serve as a "special advisor" to the university probably came as a big surprise to the school’s faculty, alumni and many state legislators. This is the same amount she received in

How many wins does the KU football team need to rack up this fall to satisfy KU football fans? How many wins to attract a respectable number of students/spectators in the stadium? How many wins to satisfy a troubled and pressured chancellor and athletics director? Does

Neeli Bendapudi’s recent announcement she will be leaving Kansas University to become president of the University of Louisville is a major loss for KU, Lawrence and the State of Kansas. It’s also a great loss for the overall field of education throughout the state. Her excellence

Year after year, one of the almost-guaranteed topics of debate among Kansas state legislators, judges, teacher unions, taxpayers, school administrators and the general public is what is the proper level of funding for the state’s schools….K-12 and the colleges and universities. They talk about the important

News about a temporary freeze on all social activities of the 24 men’s fraternities at Kansas University probably came as a surprise, even a shock, to a vast majority of KU alumni around the country but to a lesser degree among current KU students. Historically, members