January 27, 2022

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Neeli Bendapudi’s recent announcement she will be leaving Kansas University to become president of the University of Louisville is a major loss for KU, Lawrence and the State of Kansas. It’s also a great loss for the overall field of education throughout the state. Her excellence

Year after year, one of the almost-guaranteed topics of debate among Kansas state legislators, judges, teacher unions, taxpayers, school administrators and the general public is what is the proper level of funding for the state’s schools….K-12 and the colleges and universities. They talk about the important

News about a temporary freeze on all social activities of the 24 men’s fraternities at Kansas University probably came as a surprise, even a shock, to a vast majority of KU alumni around the country but to a lesser degree among current KU students. Historically, members

How long will it be before Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Kansas University Hospital officials work out a mutually rewarding association or merger? A relationship that would be good in many ways for both hospitals but more importantly….good for patients and the public. LMH officials recently announced plans

The headline stated, “Faculty group says morale among KU professors at all-time low; low pay, ‘bloated’ administration, concealed carry among factors.” This should serve as a powerful wake-up call for those who in recent years have pooh-poohed claims there are serious problems on Mt. Oread. Some

The way things are going, it’s likely Kansas eventually will end up with a Board of Regents composed of individuals who don’t have much of a record of significant accomplishments, little interest or involvement in elective politics, no strong active ties with the state’s regents

It would be great if there was as much interest, enthusiasm and public concern about the academic excellence of our colleges and universities as there is about the athletic excellence at these schools. This week’s news about the FBI’s investigation of bribery, fraud and corruption associated

It is ironic two nearby cities, Tonganoxie and Kansas City, are engaged in discussions about the possibilities of large businesses selecting their cities as sites for major expansions of their respective companies. In Tonganoxie, it’s about plans by Tyson to build a plant to grow and

This past Saturday on the way to the Kansas University-Central Michigan football game, a former KU athlete stopped this writer and asked, “What do you think?” I said I thought the game was a toss-up but that it was crucial the Jayhawks started winning. It

There’s no easy solution and hindsight is great, but Kansas University officials need to give more attention to the timing and sequence of announcements of major hires at the University. The recent announcement of the hiring of two new deans – Michelle Mohr Carney, School of