May 28, 2023

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The Real Danger Facing America

In late 2019, a deadly virus called Covid-19 entered the United States. Its origin remains questionable. It has caused close to 1 million deaths in the U. S. and millions more around the world.

In many ways the virus brought the world’s most powerful nation to an extremely dangerous and potentially combustible standstill.

Former President Donald Trump realized the seriousness of the virus and called on the nation’s leading scientists and pharmaceutical executives to move at “warp speed” to develop a vaccine which would stop or seriously stunt the spread of the deadly virus.

Within a few months it became apparent that this micro-organism had turned into a world-wide pandemic and almost overnight the public realized the seriousness of the situation.

Although various experts said it would be impossible to develop a vaccine in less than 5 or 6 years, Trump’s “warp-speed” effort was successful and in 10 months there were two vaccines. The public was led to believe that two shots of the vaccine, everyone wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet apart, avoiding public gatherings, and then taking a “booster” shot…the virus would be stopped and citizens would be able to return to their usual activities and lifestyles.

Trump was defeated in his re-election bid in 2020; Joe Biden, the winner, campaigned that Trump had failed in his effort to stop the virus and that he, Biden, would deliver on his pledge “to shut down the virus.”

Today, one year after Biden’s inauguration, Covid-19 is still alive and killing people and a variant, Omicron, is infecting and still killing thousands. The always changing forecasts of Biden and the Center for Disease Control officials sounded good and hopeful, but they haven’t worked.

The public is frustrated, tired, confused and mad due to the conflicting messages. The nation and its citizens have been placed in a lock-down and the consequences have affected most every aspect of American life — education, the economy, our national security, jobs, crime, illegal immigration, social discourse, terrorism, health care, marriages and perhaps most important or damaging than anything else, the public’s trust of public officials. They, the public, have been lied to, misled, and not told the truth, nor what to expect in the coming months.

The damage incurred by this terrible and deadly virus is yet to be fully realized, such as how badly have K-12 school children been retarded in their schooling due to the shut down of school rooms, masks and the absence of face-to-face exchanges between teachers and students.

In this writer’s opinion, the public’s distrust of government officials and their genuine confusion and deep anger could be far more damaging to the country than the pandemic:

• This growing distrust, the severe split in public opinions on many issues such as: the abilities and honesty of Presidents Trump and Biden; the lack of honesty within senior FBI/CIA officials, military leaders and those with the responsibility of protecting our borders; the growing crime waves throughout the country; the increasing deaths from drug overdoses and spiking inflation rates…are just a few of the issues which seem to be tearing this country apart.

• It is difficult to have a respectful visit among a group of people relative to the merits of former President Trump and current President Biden. Even long-time close friends find it difficult to exchange views about current events without damaging treasured relationships.

• School board meetings have become battlegrounds between parents of children and school board members and/or teachers who call for, and teach, a revision of our country’s history.

• Decorated military officers and enlisted men are being kicked out of their services and careers if they express support for Trump over Biden and/or if they refuse to get a vaccine shot. Foreign leaders have lost their respect for Uncle Sam and wonder whether they can count on the future strength, courage and support of the United States.

• Growing numbers of parents are questioning the necessity of a college education and they are upset more and more universities seem to be stressing diversity, equity and inclusion more than the importance of being the best and rewarding the best.

• Some have strong beliefs there should be a major change in America, “fundamental changes” such as former President Barack Obama proposed. Others want a free society rather than a government-controlled nation.

• Growing members or citizens are afraid to speak up and express their views about this country for fear of losing a job.

The pandemic was, and is, a terribly dangerous, deadly virus. There are many who suggest it is likely to remain with us for years, requiring continued inoculations such as we have for flu and other diseases or infections.

But this writer believes the growing split within our country becoming ever wider due to the lock-downs, mandates and quarantines, is a more dangerous situation than Covid-19 or the variants which may in the future may evolve.

Doctors and scientists will be able to solve the medical infections eventually, but how are citizens of the country going to come together in a united effort to keep America great and stop even more deadly “infections” or the diseases of civil and possibly military conflict?

This divide is growing deeper with Democrats and Republicans becoming more intense in their mistrust, almost hatred, of those in the other party.

Where is the leadership that is essential if this country is to come together? There is nothing guaranteed about the future of America just because it enjoys a glorious and proud history.

It’s highly unlikely Biden will be a presidential candidate for the 2024 election and it’s a giant question whether Trump will seek a return to the White House.

Where and/or who are the candidates who can bring this country together? Aside from Dwight Eisenhower, has there been a U.S, president since him the public respected? “Respected,” not necessarily liked?

Where is the leadership, the individual who merits the support, trust and confidence of the public? Without such leadership the U.S. could soon become a relic of its past, no longer the shining star of democracy and freedom.