May 28, 2023

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Why Continue with Adidas?

Why do KU Athletics Department officials continue to negotiate with Adidas for clothing and equipment for KU athletic teams?

A number of years ago KU Athletics had a contract with Nike for clothing and equipment but this was cancelled by then-KU Athletics Director, Lew Perkins. No reasons were made public as to why Perkins closed the door on Nike but it raised many questions within Allen Fieldhouse.

Perkins signed a new contract with Adidas and now KU is entangled in an embarrassing and highly publicized legal battle where KU basketball is the loser regardless of what the federal jury said or what NCAA sanctions may be levied against the Jayhawks. From now on, there will be some who always question whether KU, Coach Bill Self, assistant coaches or others have cheated and broken laws and regulations to attract good players and win championships. The damage has been done.

But why continue to negotiate with Adidas? Is the $100,000,000-plus contract so critical that KU athletic officials must remain with the company? Could the company be in a position where they might threaten to tell “the real story” about the KU-Adidas relationship IF KU athletic officials were to break the contract?

Certainly, other athletic equipment companies would like to work out a deal with KU basketball IF KU continues to be a national basketball powerhouse. However, it is understood senior Nike officials made it clear after their contract was not renewed that they had no desire to negotiate future contracts with certain KU officials. Who knows what the situation is today.

Again, why continue to try to work out a deal, even a $100,000,000-plus deal, when they are engaged in such questionable actions with Adidas, a company that sees nothing wrong with breaking the law to sell basketball shoes and colorful uniforms.

Maybe, all basketball shoe companies operate in the same manner. Perhaps hundreds of college football and basketball programs are caught in this illegal or unethical web.

Do most major college basketball coaches operate in the same manner?

Regardless, it is wrong, KU’s reputation has been tarnished!